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  NWS supports young talents, students, personalities, educational activities and sports ...  


The company founders as FEI STU (Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at the University of Technology in Bratislava) graduates do not forget about their alma mater even years from graduation; They consistently and loyally support its professional, sports and cultural events including the traditional Beánia (annual festive ball) of electrical engineering and informatics students and graduates.

"Osobnosti.sk" CA

NWS supports out of philanthropic concerns a unique project called Osobnosti.sk (Slovak personalities) part of an eponymous civic action that maintains a unique web portal and a first of its kind in Slovakia:www.osobnosti.sk, the telltale motto of which roughly translates as "The nation’s most precious asset are its people".


The NWS representatives were approached by a client inquiring about possible availability of decommissioned desktops. On learning about the aims of this intended charitable donation, the firm opted to participate and support free of charge the DFNsP children’s hospital in Bratislava including the donation of a new game console to children’s orthopaedic surgery ward to make reconvalescence of small patients there at least that bit more amiable experience.


NWS undertakes to promote through support to and promotion of the Slovak Paralympic Committee successful performances at sporting events of its representatives to whom making it is usually much more difficult. To this end also a dedicated web page www.oh.osobnosti.sk, has been created in conjunction with the Slovak Paralympic and Olympic Committees.