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"Neuron Brain Research"
In cooperation with universities and research facilities, NWS has been working on a project of intelligent decision making systems based on the principle of neural networks.
"Safe Internet"
At the turn of 2012/2013, NWS launched in partnership with a big Slovak Internet provider the Safe Internet project for households and corporations.
In cooperation with the Slovak market leader in the field of mobile monitoring units and using its top-end technologies, NWS implemented a project for online monitoring of vehicle fleets and mobile industrial technologies.
While NWS played a substantial role in the concept and start-up of the Osobnosti.sk project and portal in 2004, it still continues to actively support it to present day. Osobnosti.sk deal with and inform systematically on notable personalities of Slovakia. The portal itself already has gained substantial popularity with yearly visitor numbers exceeding 1 million UIPs. The project was authored by Ing. Viliam Koza.