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HR Systes

"EMS" Employee management system:
EMS is a HRIS (Human Resources Information System) used to effectively manage human resources with. With EMS you can control any and all data of your personnel and their performance and results for each job and every qualification level. There is also freely definable information as needed for the respective areas within HR management.
"SackSYS" Employee assessment system:
is a system that facilitates based on a predefined hierarchy of jobs and specified assessment technique to evaluate performance, target compliance status and the level of skills and abilities of job holders.
"AICon" Attendance & Identification Control:
This is a presence checking and identification system based on a standard touchscreen console that facilitates worker identification on arrival at the workplace using either biometric identifiers or employee cards, RFID chips or identification code. The individual’s presence then is recorded.
"EduBase" Education and training database:
This system records, manages and verifies in an easily accessible manner completion of training courses as required by law or the employer and provides for e-learning and follow-up testing of workers for proficiency with training course contents.
"IMS" Internet Management System:
is used for purposes of control, surveillance and monitoring of user (staff) access to the Internet (web pages, online applications etc.) by means of an easy-to-use management tool.
is a comprehensive tool to manage internal redistribution patterns of corporate benefits with a view to individual attributes of each staff member.
This is an up-to-date solution for monitoring a vehicle fleet via GPS technology, tracking locations of heavy machinery including cars and trucks and automated generation of driver’s log book.
"Online Mzdy":
Online system of presence records and payroll output monitoring.