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As founders of NWS, we would like to briefly sketch our values and principles, and the reasons that made us establish our own company.

Our studies at the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava,Slovakia gave us both our professional background and practical, organizational and business experience from our engagement in student’s organizations. We participated in founding the Ynet, civic association that runs the first student campus intranet in Slovakia and also brushed our IT teeth in a multinational financial institution. 10 years on we are now to capitalize on this experience and into building a successful commercial brand and company.

In designing and aligning our firm, we have been striving to make sure at all times it reflects our personal values and principles such as trustworthiness, dependability, professionalism, responsibility, flexibility, a compact format and forward thinking. The single most important component in a company are its people, which is why we have been striving from day one for our firm to not only have staff that make good professionals but strong and principled people too; because people are the most precious asset to any firm. We invite new and inspired ideas and are pleased to make them happen. Our constant aim is to build a community of people and their work environment where peers make friends and work makes pleasure. NWS strives to coexist in harmony with the lives of the people that constitute it. We want to support each other in pursuing our shared aims. We draw inspiration from our corporate role models, the legendary Czech and global BAŤA footwear company and from the more recent past, ESET, the Slovak IT security firm..

Having been at it for over a decade, we can say now along with our business partners and NWS staff that things are going well. But we do keep working on our growth and NWS brand recognition also abroad.

Your NWS founders